2023 National Specialty

Quince is finished!!!! Quince finished on his first day back in the ring:  January 6, 2022.  Thank you Luiz Abreu and Judge Jerry Berkowitz!

Quince now has 12 points and three majors,  all officially recognized by the AKC.  Here is Quince with his very first major and out of the puppy classes!  This is the Greater Ocala Dog Club, November, 2020, age 14 months.  Thank you Judge James Albrecht for recognizing Quince’s beauty even when still a puppy.  Quince is pictured here with Morgan Brooks.  Thank you Morgan!

Here he is with Karen Livingston at the Platte Valley Show, May, 2021.  This was his second major.  Thank you to Judge Butch Schulman and to Karen Livingston for expert handling.

Quince picked up five more points at the Ocala shows in November, 2021 and won his third major at the Greater Ocala Dog Club show, November 21, 2021.

Here is Quince for his third major! Thank you to handler Luis Abreu and to Judge Susan St John Brown